Board of Education

Board of Education

The Board of Education produces and organizes high-quality educational, library and leisure services for the residents of the municipality. The areas of responsibility of the board are pre-school education, basic education, afternoon club for schoolchildren, secondary education, adult education and basic art education. Library and culture include library activities, cultural and museum activities and twinning activities. Leisure activities include tasks such as youth and sports activities, as well as drug prevention work.

Board of Education 1.8.2021-31.5.2025

Laura Nummela, chairman
Mika Siusluoto, alternate

Essi Lindroth, Vice-Chair
Marja Lehtikallio, alternate

Johan Wirta, Member
Matias Juslin, alternate

Niko Kulmala, Member
Mia Lehtonen, alternate

Jonna Kallio, Member
Hilkka Oksama-Valtonen, alternate

Mia Lehtonen, representative of the government
Kirsi Lindroth, alternate representative

Next meetings:

1.2.2022, 29.3.2022, 26.4.2022 ja 31.5.2022

Changes to meeting dates are possible.