Services for children and families

Baby allowance

The municipality of Kustavi pays baby allowance for babies born in Kustavi during 2021. The baby allowance is a total of € 1,000 per child, payable in two installments, with € 500 paid when the child is born and € 500 when the child turns one. The child and his / her guardian must be registered in Kustavi on the day the application is submitted. Baby allowance is taxable income for the recipient.

Baby allowance is applied for through an application, which is available on the municipality’s website and from the municipal office.

In addition to baby money, the municipality also remembers the Kustavi-themed bodysuit.

Child supervisor services

The services of a child supervisor include acknowledging paternity and arranging custody of the child, visitation rights and maintenance.

The provincial family law services have been transferred to the joint unit as of March 1, 2020.
The family law services of the municipality of Kustavi are provided by the City of Turku. The consolidation of family law services into a common unit is included in the update of the plan for the organization of social and health services in Southwest Finland for 2019–2020.

Family law services include paternity and maternity assessment, securing child and spouse maintenance, securing the child’s custody and visitation rights, adoption counseling, support and supervision of appointments and exchanges with the regional unit.

In Kustavi, the recognition of paternity takes place at the health center at the health center, from where the matter is forwarded to the family law unit.

Custody and visitation of a child

When a child is born in wedlock, both parents are their guardians together. In a divorce, parents have to think about how to arrange for the child to be cared for.

The purpose of care is to ensure the balanced development and well-being of the child according to his or her individual needs. The purpose of custody and visitation is also to secure a positive and close relationship between the child and his or her parents. The child’s guardian has the right to decide on the child’s care, upbringing, surname and religion. The guardian also has the right to receive information about his or her child, e.g. from kindergarten, school and health care staff.

The right to visit agrees on the child’s contact with the parent with whom he or she does not live.

The agreement between the parents is made in social services. If the parents do not agree on the content of the agreement, the matter can be left to the district court.

The child has the right to adequate maintenance

Parents have a legal obligation to support their minor child. If the parents do not live together, the parent living with the child is entitled to child support. The parents can agree on the maintenance allowance and its amount in a free-form manner or with an agreement confirmed by the municipal social welfare. If the parents cannot agree on maintenance, the court will fix the amount of maintenance.

In the event of parental separation, maintenance can be confirmed by a maintenance agreement (for family law services, see above) or by a court decision.

You can handle maintenance support matters directly with KELA.

Matters related to the collection of maintenance support and maintenance debt can be done at any Kela office.

Kela’s contact information:

020 692 206 (Finland) / 020 692 226 (Sweden)

Child protection

Every child has the right to a safe and stimulating environment for growth, balanced and varied development, and special protection and care.

The task of child protection work is to safeguard the rights of the child by influencing general growing conditions, supporting parents in raising children and, if necessary, doing family and individual work.