Building board

Building board

The Building board acts as the municipal building control authority. The general task of the Building board is to supervise construction activities in the municipality as provided or prescribed by the Land Use and Construction Act and to perform the tasks of the technical sector: real estate, maintenance and construction, water supply, parks and public areas, piers, sports facilities, beaches, land and forest , environmental protection and waste management.

Building board 1.8.2021-31.5.2025

Sami Jalonen, chairman
Kirsi Lindroth, alternate

Timo Urpo, Vice Chairman
Jan Blomqvist, alternate

Ilona Ääritalo, member
Sami Latokartano, alternate

Virpi Sipilä, member
Mari Väisänen, alternate

Markku Vinnikainen, member
Juha Koskinen, alternate

In addition, the meeting will include:
Matias Juslin, Representative of the Municipal Government or
Kai Nieminen, Deputy Representative of the Municipal Government

Antti Ääritalo, Chairman of the Municipal Board
Veijo Katara, Mayor

Niiro Niemi, Representative of the Youth Council or
Frans Englund, Representative of the Youth Council

The rapporteurs are:
Jussi Lehto, building inspector
Jari Nerjanto, master builder

The e-mails of the trustees are in the format