Exercise counseling

Exercise counseling

Exercise counseling is an individual-oriented guidance given to a sports lifestyle by a health and well-being professional. Exercise counseling is a process that aims to get people who do not move enough into active everyday life and exercise, in terms of their health and well-being. In counseling, the client is supported to identify their own strengths and opportunities as well as the preferences and meanings of exercise, to set realistic goals for increasing exercise. Exercise counseling takes the form of cross-administrative co-operation in a seamless service chain.

National Health and Welfare Steering Group 2017

The municipality of Kustavi offers free exercise counseling to residents of all ages.

Exercise counseling can include:

  • Planned and long-term exercise counseling (health care or social care guidance)
  • Guidance on gym equipment and training
  • Exercise experiments
  • Finding an exercise buddy
  • Search for a suitable group / species