Declarations of interest


The shop steward and office holder of the municipality referred to in section 84 of the Municipal Act (410/2015) shall make a declaration of interest with their management positions and positions of trust in companies and other entities engaged in business activities, significant assets and other interests that may be relevant in the performance of their duties.

The obligation to declare interests applies to the members of the municipal government and the body performing the duties referred to in the Land Use and Construction Act (132/1999), the chairman and vice-chairmen of the council and board, the mayor and deputy mayor. The notification must be made within two months of the person being selected for the post. The person must also report any changes in affiliations without delay.

The declaration of interest is made to the Audit Board, which monitors compliance with the notification obligation and notifies the council. If necessary, the Audit Board may instruct the notifier to make a new notification or supplement an already made notification.

Subject to the provisions on confidentiality, the municipality shall keep a register of interests in the public information network. Upon termination of a position of trust or duty subject to the notification obligation, personal data shall be deleted from the register and the information network.

Official Declarations of interest: Leading and Responsible Officials 26.10.2021

Official Trustees’ affiliations 17.09.2021