Municipal piers and boat landing places

Municipal piers and boat landing places

The municipality does not have seasonal piers.

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Kivimaa guest pier

The guest pier is located near the Vartsala ferry pier at Kivimaantie 200.

The guest pier is intended for momentary mooring. There is also a boat landing place.

Other municipal boat ramps

Parattula pier, Parattulan rantatie 51

Parattulan veneenlaskuluiska









Vuosnaisten Meriasema (sea station), Vuosnaistentie 616
So far, there is no parking space for trailers and cars in the area due to the renovation of the connecting berth.

Vuosnainen veneenlaskuluiska

Shopping Pier

Shopping pier for boaters in Kivimaa, Kivimaantie 8 beach. For short-term boat parking, for example in a restaurant or shop. 8 buoy berths.
The route runs from the Lootholma Tourist Center fairway to less than a mile to the city center. The fairway is limited in depth (approx. 1 m) and height (approx. 4 m). The bus is not marked.

You can reach the pier by car. No parking spaces.