Permit application instructions and forms

Permit application instructions and forms

In principle, all construction requires a written permit from the building inspectorate.

Construction permits are applied for electronically through the Lupapiste service. The building inspectorate may also receive a paper application; a separate processing fee will be charged for processing a paper application in accordance with the building inspectorate’s fee.

If necessary, the building inspector will instruct you to apply for the correct building permit.

Link to the Lupapiste Service


The instructions can be found here in Finnish.

Building permit in a nutshell

Applying for a permit at the Lupapiste Service in brief

Quick guide to using Lupapiste Service

Building regulations of the municipality of Kustavi

Submission of the application

Application forms for building permits and deviations are available on request from the building inspector. Permits are always applied for primarily from the Lupapiste Service.

Annexes required for the application for a derogation

Annexes required for the building permit application

Instructions for preparing a station drawing

Report on the energy efficiency of building repairs and alterations

Report on the wastewater system

Report on Neighboring Building Permit

Report on Neighboring Consultation Authorization

Report on Neighboring Consultation Derogation

Neighbor consent form

After the permit decision

Notice to the addressee of the deviation decision

Further application for a building permit

Construction inspection document

Foreman’s application / notification form


Demolition notice

Nimi Nimike Puh Sähköposti Soittoajat Kuvaus
Jussi Lehto Building Inspector 050 0740 006 Phone hours Mon 12: 00-15: 00 and Wed 12: 00-15: 00.

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