Municipal council

Municipal council

The highest decision-making power of the municipality of Kustavi is exercised by the municipal council formed by 15 delegates. The trustees and their deputies are elected in municipal elections every four years. The council is responsible for the operation and finances of the municipality and, as a rule, elects the members of the institutions.

Composition of the municipal council

Jukka Lehtinen, chairman, KESK
Sami Latokartano, 1. vice chairman, KOK
Sirpa Koskinen, 2. vice chairman, SDP
Silvi Ucke, 3. vice chairman, PER

Jarmo Mäntynen, KESK
Antti Ääritalo, KOK
Mirja Järvelä, KOK
Laura Nummela, KESK
Kirsi Lindroth, KOK
Timo Urpo, KESK
Sami Jalonen, KOK
Matias Juslin, KOK
Kai Nieminen, SDP
Hannu Ylönen, KOK
Mari Väisänen, KESK

The e-mails of the trustees are in the format