Early childhood education

Free early childhood education

The municipality of Kustavi offers free early childhood education and pre-school education to all children under school age in Kustavi. The task of early childhood education is to enable children to receive equal and high-quality care, upbringing and education. Play, craftsmanship, music and environmental and nature education are included in each week of early childhood education. Through play, new skills are learned and the child’s development is enjoyed together.

A warm-hearted learning environment is important to us

Kustavi’s early childhood education is based on the national criteria for early childhood education and the local early childhood education plan. The most important values ​​in Kustavi’s early education are warmth, openness, justice and security. The goal is to create a warm and safe growth environment for every child, where the child has the opportunity to participate, express themselves and receive care, upbringing and education in line with their development. The child’s affiliations are discussed daily with the child’s guardians, and at least twice a year there is a discussion about the child’s early childhood education plan. Cooperation with guardians is carried out in confidence, listening to the wishes of the guardians. Once a month, guardians also have the opportunity to attend family dinners at the kindergarten.

Archipelago culture involved in education

Early childhood education utilizes a rich and diverse learning environment. Archipelago and local culture can be seen in the skills of early childhood education, excursions and cultural education. The environment is explored in the form of short-distance trips, and the aim is to create the widest possible picture of one’s own living environment for children.

Responsible for early childhood education

Nimi Nimike Puh Sähköposti Soittoajat Kuvaus
Jenni Leppänen Director of Early Childhood Education 044 7374 895 jenni.leppanen@kustavi.fi