Regulatory supervision of construction work

Regulatory supervision of construction work

Regulatory supervision of construction in Kustavi is performed by a building inspector.

The official supervision of construction work begins with the commencement of construction work subject to a permit and ends with the final inspection. Supervision focuses on matters that are significant to the good outcome of construction at the stages and to the extent decided by the authority.

Start of construction work

Construction activities in accordance with the permit (including clearing of the construction site) must not be started until:

  • An authorization is final (authorization decision) except in the case of a prior right of initiation.
  • The building inspector has approved the construction supervisor
  • The building inspector has held a kick-off meeting and / or site review
  • Any other actions mentioned in the permit decision have been completed

A new phase of work (eg frame work) must not be started until:

  • The relevant the specific plans for the work phase have been submitted to the Lupapiste and approved by the building inspector.

The approval of the construction supervisor and the completion of the inaugural meeting / location review will serve as the start notice for the construction work.

Construction inspection document

The foreman responsible for construction work must complete an inspection document for the construction project. Construction inspection document is available in the Lupapiste service in electronic form.

Authority reviews

The foreman in charge of construction work and / or the foreman in special fields will order the official inspections recorded in the permit decision by e-mail from the building inspector (contact information at the bottom of the page). Reviews should be ordered at least 7 days before the scheduled time. The minutes of the official inspections are submitted to the Lupapiste service.

  • Opening Meeting / Location Review
    • The construction site and the interest position marked on the terrain will be checked for compliance with the layout and regulations.
  • Basic review
    • Foundation work done, compliance with (base) structural plans checked.
  • Structure review
    • Frame and rafters installed, insulation not yet installed, etc. Check compliance with construction plans.
  • Flue test
    • Flue installed through permeable structures, structures visible.
  • HVAC review
    • Plumbing technical installations completed, installations visible. Check compliance with HVAC plans.
  • Deployment Review
    • Deployment Review authorizes deployment. Check for adequate legal and regulatory readiness and safety of facilities.

Deviation from plan documents

Deviations from the plans must be approved by the building inspector (change during construction). Modifications must be approved by the building inspector.

Validity of the permit

If construction work has not started within three years (notice of commencement has been given) or completed within five years, the permit has lapsed. The building inspector may extend the validity of the permit or approval for the commencement of work by a maximum of two years if the legal conditions for the construction or other measure are still in force. In order to complete the work, the deadlines may be extended by a maximum of three years at a time.

Application for an extension of time  must be submitted to the building inspectorate before the expiry of the time limit. If the building or operating permit has expired, the permit must be applied for again. In a situation where a building or operation permit has required a design need solution or a decision to deviate, this must also be applied for again.

Final inspection

The final inspection of the building or operating permit must be carried out. during the period of validity of the permit or extension. The approved final inspection concludes the construction project. A report on the final inspection will be submitted to the person undertaking the construction project. The final inspection may be submitted when the person undertaking the construction project has notified the building control authority that: (Section 153 of the MRL)

  • The construction work has been completed in accordance with the building permit and the building regulations.
  • The inspections and inspections ordered by the building inspectorate and the measures required by them have been carried out. Upon request, the building inspector must be presented with the relevant quality assurance documents, such as an electrical inspection document, a hot water pipeline pressure test, or a report of air volume measurements.
  • Inspections and actions required by other laws that have a material effect on the safety of the building have been performed.
  • The construction work inspection document has been marked as required in section 150 f and a summary of the inspection document has been submitted to the building inspectorate.
  • The operating and maintenance instructions for the building, if any, must be available in sufficient detail and be provided to the building owner.
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