Electricity network and telecommunications

Electricity grid in Kustavi

The electricity network company operating in the Kustavi region is Caruna Oy.

New subscriptions

Building a holiday home or a detached house? New electricity connections in the Kustavi area will be ordered from Caruna’s service.

Link to order a new electricity connection

Electricity Network Fault Map

On the map you can see sudden faults and planned outages. The map is updated every few minutes. If the power is off and the fault does not appear on the fault map, you can contact Caruna’s customer service 24 hours a day on 0800 195 011.

Link to the fault map

Up-to-date electricity company sites

Use the link below to find out about Caruna’s ongoing power grid projects.

Link to an up-to-date site map

Telecommunication connections

Kustavi has very comprehensive telecommunications connections. More information below.

TV and Internet connections

Vakka-Suomen Puhelin Oy

Kustavi was the first municipality in Southwest Finland to have a comprehensive high-speed broadband network. VSP’s fiber optic network covers the Kustavi region with all its islands, contact the operator for more information.

Antenna connections