Environmental protection

Environmental protection

The task of environmental protection is:

  • Prevent pollution as well
  • Eliminate and reduce pollution nuisance

The tasks of the municipal environmental protection authority have been regulated e.g. environmental protection, waste, water supply, water, off-road and water transport law. The Uusikaupunki Environmental and Permit Board is the environmental protection authority of the municipality of Kustavi.

Kustavin Environmental Protection Regulations 1.2.2014-

Visiting address: Uusikaupunki City Hall, Välskärintie 2 C
Postal address: City of Uusikaupunki, Environmental Protection, PO Box 20, FI-23501 UUSIKAUPUNKI

Environmental protection officials take care of e.g.

  • water protection
  • noise abatement and
  • nature conservation oversight tasks

The environmental protection officials are the Environmental Protection Manager and the Environmental Secretary.

Nimi Nimike Puh Sähköposti Soittoajat Kuvaus
Susanna Puottula Environmental Manager 040 7253 929 susanna.puottula@uusikaupunki.fi
Marjo Stark Secretary of the Environment 044 0515 778 seija.niskala@uusikaupunki.fi Seija Niskala works as a substitute until 14.8.2022. Tel. 044 051 5778.


Emails are in the form of firstname.lastname@uusikaupunki.fi
The general e-mail for environmental protection is ymparistonsuojelu@uusikaupunki.fi