Living and environment

Live and have fun in the scenic Kustavi

Kustavi is a natural and magnificent municipality in the archipelago that is constantly being developed. We want to provide good services for residents, leisure residents and tourists. The safe municipality is surrounded by the sea and we have good transport links.

Thanks to the sea and our irresistibly beautiful archipelago, our population will more than twelve-fold as leisure residents and tourists are on the move. Leisure time residents also enable our diverse range of services.

As a small municipality, we have good services and it is of particular interest to families with children. We were among the first municipalities to offer free early childhood education in the expanded Suotorppa kindergarten, and the Kivimaa primary school has been renovated for school-age children. The high-speed fiber-optic network and the water and sewer network enable comfortable everyday and also smooth teleworking.

The municipal income tax rate has been reduced four times in a row and is now 18.25 per cent, which is the lowest tax rate in Finland and the lowest in Southwest Finland.

Kustavi is entertained and practiced in many ways, you are warmly welcomed as a resident!