About Kustavi

About Kustavi

Kustavi got its name from King Kustaa III, with whose permission a new church was erected in Kivimaa in 1783. The chapels of St. John and St. Jacob, which were the site of the present monuments, were demolished at that time. The day of the first municipal meeting on November 1, 1874 is considered to be the birthday of independent Kustavi.

There are six times more cottages in Kustavi than permanently inhabited dwellings, which makes it the most cottage-rich municipality in Finland. The municipality has about 3,100 summer apartments, which means that the summer population is over 10,000 and there are 500 permanent dwellings. In accordance with the Act on the Promotion of Archipelago Development (494/81), Kustavi is an archipelago municipality by decision of the Government.

The municipality of Kustavi is located in the archipelago of southwestern Finland. Its geographical neighbors are Uusikaupunki in the north, Taivassalo in the east, Naantali in the southeast, Parainen in the south and Åland’s Brändö in the west. The municipality of Kustavi is an archipelago known for its lively tourism and summer settlement, which connects to mainland Finland by road with the Kaitainen bridge, completed in 1982. It is 68 km from the center of the municipality to Turku and 48 km to Uusikaupunki. There are also boat connections to Parainen (Iniö) (Heponiemi pier) and Åland (Vuosnainen pier). Turku has the nearest scheduled airport, railway station and seaport.

The total area of the municipality of Kustavi is 770 km2, of which 166 km2 is land area. The share of the water surface of the municipality is 604 km2 and the length of the coastline is 908 km.

    • Founded 1874
    • 1.12021 population 959
    • The income tax rate for 2021 will be 18.25% (2020: 18.25%)
    • Real estate tax rates for 2021 are:
      • Overall property tax rate of 0.93%
      • Permanent residential buildings 0.41%
      • Other residential buildings 0.98%
    • Jobs in the Municipality of Kustavi:
      • Primary production 17.0% (47 jobs)
      • Processing 21.4% (59 jobs)
      • Services 58.3% (161 jobs)
      • Other 3.3% (9 jobs)
      • In total 100.0% (276 jobs)
    • Job self-sufficiency rate 81.9%
    • Number of residents in Kustavi employed 337 and number of jobs 276