Construction permits

Construction permits

In principle, all construction requires a written permit from the building inspectorate.

Construction permits are applied for electronically through the Lupapiste service. The building inspectorate may also receive a paper application; a separate processing fee will be charged for processing a paper application in accordance with the building inspectorate’s fee.

If necessary, the building inspector will instruct you to apply for the correct building permit.

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Building permit

A building permit must be obtained for the construction of a building. A building permit is also required for repairs and alterations that are comparable to the construction of the building, as well as for the extension of the building or the addition of space to its floor area.

Renovation work on a building other than that provided for above shall be subject to a building permit if the work is likely to have an effect on the safety or health of the occupants of the building.

A building permit is required for a substantial change in the use of a building or part thereof. When considering the permit requirement, the effect of the change of use on the implementation of the formula and other land use, as well as on the properties required of the building, is taken into account. The change of use required for a permit is considered, among other things, to change the use of a holiday home to permanent housing.

Building permits in Kustavi are issued by a building inspector or a building board, depending on the layout of the construction site.

Operating permit

Instead of a building permit, an operating permit may be applied for the erection of structures and facilities for which the resolution of the permit issue does not require all the guidance otherwise required for construction.

In addition, a permit is required for the erection and installation of a structure or installation which is not considered to be a building if the measure has an impact on the natural conditions, the land use of the surrounding area or the urban or landscape image. An operating permit is also required for a measure other than changing the appearance of a building that requires a building permit, as well as for apartment arrangements in a residential building.

Measures subject to an operating permit are e.g.

  • Construction of a canopy, shed, toilet, or similar structure
  • Construction or modification of a property-specific wastewater system
  • Keeping a caravan or motorhome or similar in place for uses other than normal camping or boating
  • Construction of a mast, barrel, storage tank, larger antenna, wind farm and large light pole or similar
  • Construction of a quay, bridge, or other structure, canal, breakwater, or the like that alters or substantially affects the waterline
  • Changing the facade of a building, changing the shape of the roof, the roof or its coloring, changing the building material or coloring of the exterior cladding, or changing the window layout
  • Merging or sharing an apartment
  • Construction of a geothermal well or pipeline

Some of the permits for structures subject to an operating permit are resolved in Kustavi through the action notification procedure according to the building order.

Operating permits in accordance with the building regulations in Kustavi are issued by a building inspector. Other operating permits are discussed by the Construction Board.

Deviation Decision

Deviations from the beach / town plan, building regulations and the Land Use and Building Act must be applied for, and issued by the building control authority (building board).

Deviations from Kustavi must always be applied for when building a residential building in the waterfront area without a waterfront town plan (planning need in the waterfront area in accordance with section 72 of the Land Use and Construction Act). Derogations must therefore be applied for in the following projects, among others:

  • Construction or significant expansion of a vacation home or permanent residential building in a waterfront area when the property does not have a waterfront layout.
  • Conversion of a building into a permanent residential building in a waterfront area when the property does not have a waterfront layout or does not allow for permanent occupancy.
  • Deviation from the beach / town plan and its regulations.
  • Deviation from building order.

Design need solution

In the areas of design needs, a design need solution must be applied for before the building permit, the procedure is the same as in the deviation decision. In Kustavi, the planning needs are the coastal areas at a distance of 100 to 300 m from the water boundary and the areas outside the town plan area at a distance of 200 m from the boundary of the town plan area. The design solution is issued by the building inspectorate (building board).

Unloading Permit and Notification

A building or part thereof may not be demolished in a beach / town plan area or in an area where a building ban referred to in section 53 is in force for the preparation of a town plan. Permission is also required if the master plan so provides. The demolition of a building or part thereof must be notified to the building inspectorate in writing 30 days before the demolition work is commenced (demolition notification). The building control authority may, within a specified period of time, require an application for a permit for a justified reason.

Demolition notices are approved and demolition permits are issued by the building inspector in Kustavi.

Landscape Work Permit

Landscaping work, felling of trees or other comparable measures that alter the landscape may not be carried out without a landscape work permit:

  • in the town plan area.
  • in beach zoning areas that took effect before May 1, 2017.
  • in a waterfront zoning area effective after May 1, 2017, if required by the waterfront zoning plan.
  • in the master plan area, if the master plan so provides, except for the felling of trees in the area designated as an agricultural and forestry area in the master plan.
  • in an area where a building ban referred to in section 53 is in force for the preparation of a town plan or for which a master plan has been so established.

Landscape work permits are issued by the building inspector in Kustavi. Always check the need for a landscape work permit before starting work!

Construction Permit Processing Fees

Building inspection fee 1.1.2021-

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Jussi Lehto Building Inspector 050 0740 006 Phone hours Mon 12: 00-15: 00 and Wed 12: 00-15: 00.

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