Pre-school education

Pre-school education

The municipality has a statutory obligation to provide pre-school education for 6-year-olds in the year before compulsory schooling. The pre-school facilities are in connection with the Kivimaa school.

In Kustavi, pre-school children are allowed to use school transport on their school trips free of charge if they cannot be provided by the family on their own

Preschool curriculum

A pre-school plan has been drawn up in Kustavi together with the municipality of Taivassalo and the plan is updated annually together with the pre-school teachers at Taivassalo kindergarten.

The aim of pre – primary education is to:

  • Strengthen your child’s positive self-image and identity
  • The child grows into a responsible team member and practices the rules of the game together
  • Your child’s learning skills will develop
  • Get to know your local, national and other cultures
  • The child learns to enjoy nature, take care of their surroundings and understand the implications of their own actions
  • The child internalizes good practices and understands their importance as part of our daily lives, and the child learns to reflect on right and wrong.
  • The child’s most important learning method is play
  • Your child will learn to handle, name, and recognize different emotions

Pre-school education schedule

  • 7.45 Breakfast at kindergarten and walking from early care to preschool
  • 8.30 Pre-school starts in pre-school mode (building next to the school)
  • 11.40 Dining in the school canteen and moving to kindergarten after eating
  • 12.30 Preschool ends

Register for pre-school education:

Electronic transactions are always logged in via the service with strong authentication, ie either with a bank ID or a mobile certificate.

For more information, contact:

Nimi Nimike Puh Sähköposti Soittoajat Kuvaus
Jenni Leppänen Director of Early Childhood Education 044 7374 895