Business mentors

Business mentors in Kustavi

The purpose of business mentors is to create interaction and cooperation with entrepreneurs and business leaders and local entrepreneurs on holiday. The business mentors will use their time and expertise to develop the business activities of the companies in the municipalities to the extent permitted by their own schedule. The aim is to strengthen municipal entrepreneurship and create and secure jobs. In addition, the aim is to develop regional co-operation between SMEs through co-operation and to create better conditions for SMEs and opportunities for internationalization through co-operation.

Business Mentors Finland is a nonprofit association dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow and achieve their goals through mentorship. We are a national network of experienced entrepreneurs and business managers. We offer our competence and experience to support Finnish small business owners in solving their business challenges.

Your Business Mentor acts as your sparring partner and supports your decision making. All discussions with your mentor are confidential and the process will proceed according to your needs and conditions. You are in charge, making all the decisions and responsible for executing them. Your mentor will stand by your side opening new questions and supporting you in looking for answers.

The following business mentors operate in the municipality of Kustavi

CEO Hannu Raunio
Metal industry
p. 040-505 0501

Consult Matti Viksten
Financial management and SME development
p. 0400-524 04