Applying for early childhood education

Applying for early childhood education

There is no actual application period for early childhood education, and early childhood education applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. An electronic application for an early childhood place (link below) must be made no later than four months before the child needs a place to care in order to be entitled to a place. However, if the need for early childhood education is due to employment, studies or training and the start date of the need is not foreseeable, an early childhood education place must be applied for no later than two weeks before the child needs a care place. Early childhood education and pre-school education is free of charge for all children of Kustavi under school age.

You can register for pre-school education with the same electronic application form (link below).

The following is also done through electronic transactions:

  • Revenue notifications
  • Termination and Change Notifications
  • Enrollment in Preschool


Fill out an electronic application for early childhood education here

Electronic transactions are always logged in via the service with strong authentication, ie either with a bank ID or a mobile certificate.


For more information, please contact:

Nimi Nimike Puh Sähköposti Soittoajat Kuvaus
Jenni Leppänen Director of Early Childhood Education 044 7374 895