Search, booking and renewal of materials

Search for material

For example, if you want to check the availability information of the material, you can search for it From the Vaski web library or inquire by email at or by calling the library number 044 742 6630.

Reservation of material

Customers of Kustavi Municipal Library can reserve material from the collections of all Vaski libraries.

  • When reserving material, reservations apply to the entire collection, not just the Kustavi library’s own material.
  • Exceptions are Joker books, which cannot be reserved or renewed.
  • In connection with the reservation, a library is selected from which the reserved material is retrieved.
  • Reservations can be made at the web library, library, email or phone.
  • The customer will receive an arrival notification from the reserved material by e-mail or text message when the reservations are available for pick-up.
  • Reserved material must be picked up within seven days of notification of arrival.
  • Booking is free of charge, but a non-refundable booking fee of two euros will be charged.

Renewal of loans

Loans can be renewed five times either in the online library, library, by phone or email.

The loan cannot be renewed if

  • The loan has already been renewed five times
  • There are reservations about borrowed material
  • The borrower has payments of 15 euros or more
  • The borrower is prohibited from lending.
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