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I welcome you to the website of the municipality of Kustavi to discover the services and opportunities offered by our archipelago in a beautiful marine environment.

Kustavi’s population on 1.1.2021 is 959 inhabitants. In recent years, the population has started to rise. Our municipality is enterprising and the economic structure is diverse. The municipal income tax rate is on of the lowest in Finland and the lowest in Southwest Finland. It has been decreased for four consecutive years and in 2021 it will be 18.25%. Our municipality’s early childhood education services are free of charge. Kustavi is the most popular summer cottage municipality in Finland and have the largest number of business locations in mainland Finland in relation to the population. In addition, the municipality is a well-known archipelago tourist destination and tourism companies have greatly developed their tourism services. The cultural life of the municipality and many events are of interest to many tourists. In the scenic maritime Kustavi, the length of the coastline is about 900 kilometers. High-speed fiber-optic connections and recently expanded water and sewerage network guarantee good housing and teleworking opportunities. The municipality has zoned new plots for detached houses by the sea.

Kustavi is located in the Turku archipelago and 69 km from Turku to Kustavi and 49 km from Uusikaupunki. Our municipality can be reached by connecting ships from popular routes from Åland and Parainen, so you can also spend your time in Kustavi. The Archipelago Trail has become very popular. Our companies offer you a variety of services, shopping opportunities and experiences. There are several tourist centers in Kustavi with catering and accommodation services. For those arriving by boat, several guest marinas offer a wide range of services. You can get to the sea with our companies for a fishing trip, for example. The area of ​​the municipality includes Isokari lighthouse island and Katanpää fortress island. Both of these are popular tourist islands for cruises and boat trips.

We offer you high-quality detached house plots from the Kirkonmäki residential area, which is located in the area between the municipal center and the strait of Ströömi. The price of the plots is 3 € / m2. For permanent housing, the municipality of Kustavi offers good basic services in a safe, stimulating and comfortable archipelago environment. About 20-35% of the eligible costs for entrepreneurship can be applied for from the ELY Center of Southwest Finland and from the “I samma båt – Samassa veneessä” Leader association. The municipality is also involved in arranging industrial plots for companies.

Welcome to Kustavi!

Veijo Katara

Nimi Nimike Puh Sähköposti Soittoajat Kuvaus
Veijo Katara Mayor 050 0785 324