Logos and images


The logo of the municipality of Kustavi is more familiar than the coat of arms. It is used in everyday activities, such as forms, envelopes and promotional materials.

The use of the logo for purposes outside the municipality requires the written permission of the person in charge of the municipality’s communications.


The images and texts on the website www.kustavi.fi and visitkustavi.fi are the property of the service providers and the municipality of Kustavi (photographers), please contact us before using the images.

The following photographers have submitted their images to the municipality:

  • Juha Karikoski
  • Tapio Linnanmäki
  • Pirjo Ilkka
  • Vesa Koskinen

The images below are for marketing and the press in the Kustavi region.
Images should be used in accordance with good practice and should not be used out of context or for political / ideological purposes.
Saaristolaismuseo pohjois-vartsalassaSaaristolaismuseon kokoelmasta vanhoja kalastusverkkojaRiskeläisvuori sijaitsee Lootholman edessäKlipunkarin ranta Talonpoikaispurjehtijoita Iniön aukollaTeatteriesitys kalliorannalla

Please indicate Visit Kustavi or Kustavi municipality as the source of the image
If you share a picture on social media, use #kustavinkunta and #visitkustavi
Images may not be used commercially (for example, in products for sale). The commercial use of the images must be agreed separately. Get in touch if you need more pictures.