Description of public access to documents

Description of public access to documents

The information management unit shall maintain a description of the information resources it manages and the case register in accordance with section 28 of the Information Management Act (906/2019). The municipality of Kustavi forms the information management unit mentioned in the law.

The purpose of the document publicity description is to provide the general public with an overview of the information management of the business registers and services of the municipality of Kustavi. In addition, the aim of the description is to help customers direct their requests for information to the right-of-way authority, as well as to identify the content of the request for information as required by the Public Access to Information Act (621/1999). The document description also describes the extent to which the municipality processes information when providing services or handling matters. The ability to obtain information about what information resources the municipality has serves serves the transparency of the administration.

Information on the public document shall be provided as soon as possible, and no later than two weeks after the request for information. If the handling and resolution of the matter requires special measures or a higher than usual workload, the information on the public document shall be provided or the matter shall be resolved within one month at the latest of the request for information. The processing time for the release of confidential documents is also a maximum of one month.

Depending on the type of document, the municipality may provide the requested information either in paper form or the documents may be inspected on site. There may be a charge for paper prints.

Making a request for documents to the municipality of Kustavi

In accordance with the Act on Public Access to the Activities of Public Authorities (621/1999), everyone has the right to be informed of a public document of an authority.

Requests for documents concerning the municipality of Kustavi are directed to the central office of the municipal office. You can contact the Central Office either by e-mail to or by phone on 02 842 6600

It is a good idea to identify the request for information as precisely as possible to make it easier to find the document. The request for information shall be identified in such a way as to indicate to which document or documents the request relates. For example, the date or title of a document should always be given if it is known.

If the request for information concerns a public document, the request for information does not need to be substantiated and the person requesting the information does not have to indicate what the information is used for. A request for information on a public document may be made in writing in writing or by telephone.

Contact information

Kustavi Municipality Central Office

Keskustie 7

23360 Kustavi

Visiting address above

Opening hours Mon-Fri 9-15

Right of access to information for the party

Pursuant to section 11 of the Public Access to Information Act, an applicant, appellant or other person whose right, interest or obligation is affected by a matter (a party) has the right to receive information from the authority handling or handling the matter if it can or could have affected his or her case.

However, a party shall not be entitled to obtain a document the disclosure of which would be contrary to the overriding public interest or to the best interests of the child or any other overriding private interest.

When requesting information about a confidential document or documents , which may only be disclosed under certain legal conditions, the person requesting the document must indicate the purpose for which the information is used and their identity. The municipality may request other information from the person requesting the document. if they are needed to clarify the conditions for the disclosure. A request for information on confidential documents is requested in writing using the municipal information request form, which contains the signature of the person requesting the information.

Request by a party for access to information (Publication 11)

In social care, requests for information in accordance with the Public Access to Information Act may include, for example, requesting a copy of a client plan, a client report, or in health care, medical statements, treatment summaries, laboratory results, or patient record entries. This information may be requested in person orally at the time of the visit from the unit where the entry was made or on a written form.

The health care information stored in the Kanta service can also be read at

The signed form must be submitted to the central office. The applicant must prove his identity.

Disclosure of information on the deceased

The information in the customer and patient records is kept confidential even after the death of the customer / patient. The personal data of the deceased may be disclosed only to the extent necessary to establish or exercise the essential interests or rights of the person requesting them.

The person requesting the information does not have the right to see the deceased’s customer and patient data without restriction. The purpose of the use of personal data must always be stated in the request. Requests for information about the deceased’s customer and patient information must be made in writing and the requester must verify their identity.

Log information request

According to section 18 of the Act on the Electronic Processing of Social and Health Care Customer Data, the customer has the right to know who has used the register data concerning him or her and what has been the basis for the use.

An explanation of the processing of log data can be requested in a written form. The form must be signed by hand and the identity of the customer must be verified during the processing of the request. Requests for deceased information and log information should also be submitted to the Central Office. The applicant must prove his identity.