Schools and basic education

Basic education

Basic education is a general education according to the curriculum that supports the growth of students as people and members of society and teaches the necessary knowledge and skills. It provides everyone with the same postgraduate eligibility for secondary education. Children permanently residing in Finland are required to attend the year in which they reach the age of seven. Compulsory education ends when they have completed a basic education curriculum or ten years have elapsed since the beginning of compulsory education.


Kivimaa School provides basic education for grades 1-6. The Kivimaa school is located in the immediate vicinity of the seashore, and nature and the sea are strongly involved in teaching. The specialty of the school is its own outboard motor boat for trips to the sea and fishing.

The school is well involved in the development of teaching and all pupils in grades 3-6 have their own personal iPads, in grades 5-6 many subjects are studied through e-textbooks. In a small school where everyone knows each other, schooling is safe and comfortable.

The teaching of econdary school students, ie grades 7-9, is at Taivassalo Yhtenäiskoulu. Schools website

Contact information for schools

Nimi Nimike Puh Sähköposti Soittoajat Kuvaus
Taivassalo yhtenäiskoulu Ihattulantie 8, 23310 Taivassalo
Kivimaa school 044 7426 623
Kaisa Olari Principal 044 7426 628