Municipal initiative

Municipal initiative

The Municipal Initiative is a means of close-knit action by which local residents can make their voices heard in municipal affairs. A municipal initiative is a written initiative prepared by an individual resident or groups of residents, through which a resident of the municipality can directly influence the activities and decision-making of their own municipality. The right of initiative of local residents is provided for in section 23 of the Municipal Act (410/2015)

In addition to the residents of the municipality, associations and foundations have the right to take initiatives in matters concerning the operation of the municipality. The user of the service also has the right to take initiatives in the matter concerning the municipal service in question.

When a municipal initiative is taken by at least two per cent of the municipality’s residents, it must be considered by the council within six months. The threshold for taking the initiative has been lowered, as the corresponding proportion in the Municipal Act (365/1995) in force until 1 June 2017 is two per cent of the municipality’s residents entitled to vote.

In accordance with the Municipal Act, the council must be informed at least once a year of the initiatives taken in matters within its competence and the measures taken as a result. (source:

In the online service, you can take an initiative and monitor its processing.