Camping house

Kustavi municipality camping house

The camping house is located at Takviikintie 66, 23360 Kustavi.

Camping house’s bathing water survey

The municipality uses the camping house to organize various events and camps and rents premises to external operators.

There are 26 beds in the camping house. The 24 beds are located in a separate accommodation building, where the premises are divided into two parts. The main house has a kitchen, two small sleeping areas and a living room. The living room has seating for about 30 people.

There are also sauna facilities in the main building. The sauna is suitable for 10 people. Sauna facilities also include a shower. Two changing rooms. Barbecue area and swimming pier. Two litter toilets.

Accommodation facilities
The other side of the accommodation
Camping house kitchen
Camping house