Outreaching youth work

Outreaching youth work

An outreaching youth worker will help you with exactly what you need, but most of all, he or she will help you find your own thing. If you don’t really know who to ask, ask a youth worker! The service is intended for all young people under 29 years of age. Outreaching youth work is always free and completely voluntary for you.

When to contact an outreaching youth worker?

  • Can’t figure out what to do next?
  • Are there problems with money or other everyday things?
  • Would you like to talk confidentially about things that weigh on your mind?
  • Wondering what your thing is?
  • An outreaching youth worker will support you in what you find important and necessary!

How does outreaching youth work work?

There is no thing you could not ask a youth worker, and there is no thing you would not find answers with the them. Sometimes the puzzles are bigger and the youth worker goes by your side for longer, sometimes things start to be resolved quickly, so the cooperation can be over faster. You decide!

An outreaching youth worker always wants to hear what motivates you and what exactly you are interested in. But if you still don’t know what that thing is, it’s possible to explore it with the worker.
One of the principles of outreaching youth work is to work together to advance your cause.

However, the youth worker does not make decisions or act for you, but you decide what things you will deal with and what kind of decisions you will make in your life.
Cooperation is based on trust and is always voluntary, the employee is confidential and always acts with your permission.

You can also get support anonymously!

Outreaching youth worker for the municipality of Kustavi:

Nimi Nimike Puh Sähköposti Soittoajat Kuvaus
Markus Malmelin Leisure Secretary 050 5759 121 markus.malmelin@kustavi.fi

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Outreaching youth work
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