Nature trails

Nature trails

There are two nature trails maintained by the municipality in the Kustavi area. Neither path is entirely suitable for people with reduced mobility or prams. Some of the trails are easier terrain.

Kustavi’s nature and culture trail

The starting points of the nature and culture trail are located in the yard of the Kustavi municipal office (Keskustie 7) and in the parking area before the ferry shore.

Vuosnainen nature trail

A nature trail more than a kilometer long starts right next to the Vuosnainen ferry port. The starting point is next to the restaurant Spauna. The nature trail runs mainly on the cliffs and in the woods.

Picnic place on the nature trail of Vuosnainen Landscape on the nature trail of Vuosnainen

In addition, there are marked nature trails in Kustavi on the lighthouse island of Isokari and the fortress island of Katanpää.