Youth work

Youth work

In Kustavi, the municipality’s youth work consists mainly of youth house work and occasional trips.

Municipal youth officer:

Nimi Nimike Puh Sähköposti Soittoajat Kuvaus
Markus Malmelin Leisure Secretary 050 5759 121

Leisure and tourism
Sports and youth affairs
Outreaching youth work
Association Coordinator
Premises for rent

Youth work and policy are part of the municipality’s tasks, which are carried out in co-operation with other operators in the youth field. Youth work services can also be implemented regionally in co-operation between municipalities. The Ministry of Education and Culture supports municipal youth work and its development with state contributions and grants (

In the region of Vakka-Suomi, Kustavi belongs to a group in which the leisure-time officials of the municipalities in the region are represented. Within the framework of the group, excursions and similar events are planned and carried out every year. is an advocacy service for all young people in Finland.

Nationwide is part of the Ministry of Justice’s online democracy services. Both young people and actors in the youth field (eg municipalities, organizations and schools) have been involved in the development work. The advocacy service can be used by young people and those who work with young people. offers a low threshold for participating, influencing and expressing one’s own opinions in order to develop the operations of organizations.