E-materials in Vaski libraries

The eLibrary provides e-resources for public libraries. Some of them are freely available and you need a Library Card and a PIN to use some of them.


The library’s client computers are connected to electronic journal services. To log on to computers, you need the Library Card and the associated online library ID. If necessary, you can get a code from the library.

  • ePress service offers previews of domestic magazines
  • eMagz service has a wide selection of magazines.
  • You can read foreign newspapers with the PressReader service, also remotely.


The Kustavi library receives a total of about 40 newspapers and magazines. The loan period for magazines is two weeks, except for the latest issue, which is not available for loan. Newspapers are also intended to be read on the library premises.


  • Helsingin Sanomat
  • Uudenkaupungin Sanomat
  • Turun Sanomat
  • Vakka-Suomen Sanomat


  • Aku Ankka
  • Anna
  • Askel
  • Avotakka
  • Demi
  • Eeva
  • Episodi
  • Erä
  • Hyvä terveys
  • Ihana
  • Kirjastolehti
  • Kodin Kuvalehti
  • Kodin Pellervo
  • Kotilääkäri
  • Kotipuutarha
  • Kotivinkki
  • Koululainen
  • Meidän Talo
  • Mondo
  • MikroBitti
  • Oma aika
  • Ottobre
  • Parnasso
  • Suomen Kuvalehti
  • Suuri Käsityölehti
  • Taito
  • Tekniikan Maailma
  • Tieteen Kuvalehti
  • Unelmien talo ja koti
  • Valitut palat
  • Vene

Home region collection

Material related to Kustavi and its residents is collected in the Home region collection. The collection includes fiction and non-fiction, small prints, theses, maps, magazine articles and audio recordings. The material can be found through the Vaski online library. The material in the local region collection is mainly available for loan, but some of the material can only be read in the library.