Wastewater and wastewater advice


Responsible waste water management is an integral part of water production as a whole.

Other wastewater discharged into the sewer network that differs from normal municipal wastewater is called wastewater that deviates from residential wastewater.
These include, for example, wastewater from the food, surface treatment, chemical and other industries, leachate from landfills,
effluents from the treatment of contaminated land, trenches, laundry effluents and non-recurring items.
Discharge of abnormal wastewater into the sewer system is always subject to a permit.

See Sewage Limit Values and Other Conditions (link to file).

An agreement shall be concluded for the discharge of waste water other than domestic waste water into the sewerage network when the quantity or quality of the waste water is such that:
that it may have an effect on the safety of workers in the water supply or treatment plant, on the condition of the sewerage network,
the operation of the waste water treatment process, the quality of the sewage sludge or the condition of the discharge water.
The industrial wastewater agreement defines the conditions for the drainage of industrial wastewater and usually also agrees on a wastewater monitoring program.
The quality of the wastewater can also affect the amount of the wastewater charge.
The need for an industrial wastewater contract is decided by the water supply company on a case-by-case basis.

The drainage capacity of anomalous wastewater is determined on the basis of, among other things, the information provided by the customer.

The municipality of Kustavi decides on the reception of anomalous wastewater, supervises the discharge of anomalous wastewater and
issue opinions on applications for environmental permits for industrial installations upon request.

Once the anomalous wastewater has been found to be discharged into the sewer, an agreement is made between the municipality of Kustavi and the operator.

Here’s a guide for industrial customers in the event of a breakdown.

Here’s a grease guide for restaurants.

Here is a summary table of harmful and hazardous substances.

wastewater advice

Valonia offers impartial and free wastewater advice to residents and cottage residents of Southwest Finland, as well as to entrepreneurs and authorities. We advise on the requirements of the legislation as well as on different wastewater treatment methods and equipment, their costs, treatment results and functionality.

Advice is provided by phone and e-mail, Valonia does not make property-specific counseling visits. You can also get advice from the municipal environmental or building inspectorate. The municipality’s technical service helps to join the sewer network.

Valonia wastewater advice