The confirmed area of operation of the water supply plant of the municipality of Kustavi covers the obligation to connect to the properties in the central town of Kustavi, in this town plan area. In addition, the water management has domestic water and wastewater main lines Kivimaa-Vuosnainen, Viherlahti-Laupunen, Viherlahti-Salminiittu and Kivimaa-Rahinranta. Ensure the availability of the water supply network for your property and up-to-date areas of operation from the director of municipal construction.

Map of the Kustavi water distribution area in 2021

Connection costs according to the water management rate below.

Water utility tariff from 1.1.2021

Nimi Nimike Puh Sähköposti Soittoajat Kuvaus
Johanna Nurmi Office official, technical operation 044 7062 023 On holiday 13.12.2021-14.1.2022.

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