Network water samples

Network water samples

Domestic water samples are regularly taken from the Kustavi water supply network to monitor water quality. The permanent sampling point is Palvelukeskus, the changing sampling points are Peterzens, Lomavalkama, the Riihimaa water vending machine, Spauna and Kustavi’s Talouskauppa. The test results of the water samples can be found below.

If you want to research the quality of your borehole water yourself, you can contact for example:

Lounais-Suomen vesi- ja ympäristötutkimus Oy

Sample results

Water sample 11 2021 Viherlahti lower water tank

Water sample 11 2021 Suotorppa

Water sample 10 2021 Spauna

Water sample 6 2021 Peterzens

Water sample 6 2021 Kustavi’s Sale

Water sample 2 2021 Riihimaa

Water sample Taukotupa 28.1.2021

Water sample Vuosnaisten taukotupa 12 2020 yhd

Water sample Koelsuuntie 288 12 2020

Water sample Palvelukeskus 2 2020

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