Well-being services

Well-being services

Well-being services support those over the age of 65 who are not covered by regular social and health services and strengthen their survival and well-being at home. The aim of the service is to influence the factors that are important for the good quality of life and life management of the elderly. Well-being services are free of charge.

Well-being services include:

Age and service counseling

  • Guidance on social welfare services and support
  • Guidance to promote well-being, healthy lifestyles and functional capacity, and to prevent illness, accidents and incidents
  • Service needs assessments

Excercise advice

  • Guidance and counseling for maintaining and improving functional capacity
  • Functional capacity, mobility assessment, exercise plan, follow-up

Memory counseling

  • Memory tests
  • Guidance, counseling and, if necessary, referral for further examinations and treatment
  • Home visits (monitoring, tests)

Home visits that promote well-being

  • Aimed at residents of Kustavi over the age of 75
  • A health and functional well-being questionnaire will be sent to the age group and, based on its responses, a home visit will be offered if necessary.
  • The home visit looks for ways to improve the situation, provides advice and guidance, and seeks to anticipate the need for services.

Services provided by other operators:

Living Room Exercise: collaborative exercise moments at participants’ homes or other agreed facilities. In addition to the city center, living room cabins can also be implemented in villages. The small groups are led by volunteers who have completed the exercise peer instructor training, VertaisVeturit. https://www.voimaavanhuuteen.fi/en/

Outdoor activities with a friend: An outdoor friend is a trained volunteer who can become a friend to help / support outdoor exercise. Additional information: Markus Malmelin, Leisure Secretary, tel. +358 50 575 9121

Senior dance: Senior dance is a form of exercise developed for the elderly that can be enjoyed by people with different mobility. Senior dances are casual ballroom dances, each with their own name, choreography, character and music. Senior dances can be danced while standing or sitting. Dance rehearsals are held at the Sports Hall. Additional information: Maritta Jalonen, tel. +358 40 7445916

Guided activities of the gym and activity park. Additional information: Markus Malmelin, Leisure Secretary, tel. +358 50 5759121

Club activities and singing moments: The parish elders’ club, the SPR club and the craft club gather at the Kustavi Service Center. In addition, Kustavi’s Pensioners’ Federation organizes “Sävel Soikoon” singing moments. Clubs and singing moments take place about once a month during the spring and fall seasons or according to a separately agreed schedule. Activities are on hiatus during Korona.

Events: The Kustavi Service Center organizes various events during the year, to which admission is free. The events will be announced in a municipal bulletin distributed at home.

Other well-being services: The Kustavi Service Center has the opportunity to offer e.g. the services of a chiropodist, physiotherapist, reflexologist and cosmetologist by appointment.