Service center

Service center

Kustavi service center

Kustavi service center is located in the center of Kustavi at; Jaalakuja 5.

The service center is a municipally owned property built in 1992. The service center has an upstairs kitchen and dining room (not in operation during corona times). Downstairs there is a sauna and Kustavi health center. The building has an elevator that is wheelchair accessible. There are no residential apartments in the building.

The service center organizes various activities organized by the parish, the SPR and the municipality. There is no activity during the corona period.

The service center kitchen prepares food for the kindergarten, school, enhanced service housing unit, home service customers, municipal employees and external customers. Lunch is served on weekdays from 11:00 until 12:30. (Lunch is not served in the dining room during corona).

The dining room can be rented for hobby and party use. There is room for 40 to 50 people. Rents: coffee sessions 55€ and food sessions 70€. (No activity during corona).

For more information on the service center kitchen, call 044 742 6633