Round the clock treatment

Round the clock treatment

Institutional care can be short-term or long-term. The short-term treatment period can be, for example, a rehabilitation period after illness, surgery or an accident. Long-term institutional care lasts more than three months and can be permanent. Care and care can only be provided as long-term institutional care if there are medical or customer safety grounds for doing so (Section 14a of the Act on Supporting the Functioning of the Elderly and Social and Health Services for the Elderly). Round-the-clock treatment can be short-term, intermittent, or long-term. The need for services and care is assessed individually. Resident choices are made on the basis of an assessment of the need for care and services and the criteria set for the service in order of urgency.

The aim of round-the-clock care is to maintain the functional capacity of the elderly and to ensure a good and high-quality old age. The operating principle is to encourage the customer to use his / her existing resources and to do the actions and tasks he / she is capable of.

Enhanced residential care

Enhanced residential care is targeted at older people with physical, mental and / or social impairments that are unable to cope with living independently with relatives or home care. The Jaala-Koti (Jaalakuja 2) offers enhanced residential care in Kustavi.

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The apartments in the Jaala-koti are rental apartments for which a lease agreement is drawn up with the resident. The care and services of the Jaala-koti are round-the-clock and replace institutional care. The home has a total of 22 places for residents, of which 10 places form their own group home for the mentally ill. The apartments are two apartments with the exception of single apartments. The resident has their own apartment or room at their disposal, as well as common areas. Enhanced residential care includes the resident’s 24-hour care, treatment and meals, as well as supporting services.

The units are staffed by professional and trained staff. When a resident moves to a housing unit, they are assigned a self-care couple. Self-care workers act as a liaison between the resident, relatives and other staff. A written, individual assessment and service plan is drawn up with the resident regarding the resident’s functional capacity, mental and physical resources and the need for the care to be provided. A plan that people close to him can also take part in making. The aim is to offer the resident individual activities that maintain self-sufficiency and support rehabilitation. At Jaala-koti, staff are available 24 hours a day.

The resident pays the rent for the care and the customer fee for the services. Depending on his income and assets, he has the opportunity to apply for care allowance for rent. In addition, the resident can also apply for a care allowance for a pension paid by KELA.

Short-term, day and night care

Short-term care refers to a short period of care in units of a 24-hour intensified residential care or in a care ward. Short-term treatment, or interval treatment, can also be repeated regularly. The goal of short-term care is to support the elderly’s survival at home and to transfer the need for long-term institutional care. Short-term treatment is for a pre-arranged period, which can last up to three consecutive months. Short-term care is used e.g. support for the client’s home care, the family carer’s statutory holidays and vacations, the assessment of the home care client’s functional capacity and the continuation of hospital care. The basis for granting the service is the assessment of the need for the service and the urgency.

Day care means a service that lasts up to 8 hours at a time. Night treatment is scheduled between 6 pm and 10 am. When day or night care exceeds the time limits set for it, the client fee is invoiced according to the day care fee for short-term care. A care day fee in accordance with the customer payment legislation is charged for care provided during the carer’s holidays.

Short-term care in Kustavi is provided by the Jaala-koti (Jaalakuja 2). If necessary, the Jaala-koti also serves as a day and night care place.