Financial and legal services

Financial and legal services

Consumer advice
You will receive free guidance and mediation assistance from the counselor in the event of a dispute. You can deal with the counselor by phone, electronically or at counseling offices. In order to facilitate transactions, it is recommended to negotiate with the seller in the event of a dispute More info from the Con­sumer Ad­vi­sory Ser­vices website

Financial and debt advice
The tasks of financial and debt counseling include providing advice and information on financial management and debt management, as well as helping indebted people. Debt counseling services are free and confidential. You can do business with a legal aid office in any area.

Side reception in Uusikaupunki
The reception is unstaffed during reception hours.
Visiting address: Uusikaupunki Legal Aid Office, Rantakatu 25, Uusikaupunki
Postal address: Sepänkatu 3, 23500 UUSIKAUPUNKI
Appointment: 029 566 0429
Laitila side reception

The reception is unstaffed during reception hours.
Visiting address: Laitila City Hall, Keskuskatu 30, 1st floor, room 160 Laitila
Postal address: Aittakarintie 21, 26100 RAUMA.
Appointment: 029 566 0429

General information about debt counseling and contact information here (

Legal Aid
Legal aid means that a citizen can obtain legal aid, in whole or in part, from the state for the administration of a legal matter. Defendant is protected in criminal proceedings in certain situations by a defense attorney with state funds.
Rauma Legal Aid Office, Uusikaupunki office: tel. 029 566 0480, 050 443 2383 (appointment).

Criminal and litigation mediation
Mediation in criminal and litigation is a voluntary, confidential and free service based on the law (1015/2005), where the parties to a crime or dispute can face each other safely and equally and influence the resolution of their own case. Mediation can address the harm caused by a crime or dispute and agree on measures to compensate for it. Mediation can be initiated by, among others, the police, the prosecutor, another authority, the parties to the case, the trustee and also the guardians of the minor party.

Based on an agreement between the Department of Health and Welfare and the City of Turku, the Southwest Finland Conciliation Office handles mediation matters throughout the province of Southwest Finland.

Southwest Finland Conciliation Office
PL 364
20101 Turku
Visiting address:
Puistokatu 2
Visit from the courtyard.
Phone: 0449072448
Branch offices can be found in Salo, Loimaa and Uusikaupunki. Meetings there only as agreed.

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